Dennis Balan, an amazing deaf wedding photographer, who has received numerous awards and recognition in the field of photography has jumped on board our growing team. Learn more about PonD’s first-ever freelance photographer!

I first met Dennis when he joined WPPP(Wedding and Portrait Photographers of the Philippines) as a wedding Photographer. The greatest thing I admire about him is that he is a deaf wedding photographer (a good one at that), who has received numerous awards and recognition in the field of photography and performing arts in spite of his disability.

It is truly an honor for us at, PonD that Dennis can now accept photography bookings for weddings whenever his schedule allows. We know for certain that he will capture many wonderful moments which our clients will get to relive over and over again.

-Richel Mascariñas

Are you a photojournalist? Want to share your talent amidst this crisis? Now is the perfect time to do so because the demand for photojournalists is at an all-time high‼️ So, to meet the current demand and help in our own little way, we’re offering FREE Download of the PonD App + FREE Membership Nationwide for Stringer on Demand for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! Stringer on Demand will allow photographers to apply as freelance photojournalists.

Download the PonD App today at our website and take the online exams. Once you’ve accomplished the online test, send us an email at or message us at 0995-467-4031.

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Note: The app is available for download on Android Apps v1.7.1. iOs users will get to enjoy the app soon so stay tuned!

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