How to join?

STEP 1: Join PonD as Photographer

  1. Download PonD App on Apple Store or Google Play, then sign up as a photographer.
    • Please use your personal email, not your office or work email address.
    • Make sure that the email address you indicated is correct and active.
      *In case the verification link is not in your inbox, please check your spam folder.
  2. PM : (Name used in registration /EXAMS)
  3. Refresh or restart your App.
  4. Take online exams on your Mobile App then PM (EXAMS DONE)

STEP 2: What to shoot as a photojournalist?

  1. Learn from PonD YouTube Channel Edwin Tuyay:
  2. Elements of photojournalism:
  3. Photojournalism techniques, Francis Malasig:

STEP 3: Prepare your image for uploading

  1. File size: 3-8mb
  2. DON’T put watermark. The site automatically put watermarks for each photo
  3. How to put Caption using photoshop?
  4. Photoshop / File / file info / Basic / Description
  5. Useful link for captioning:
  6. Captioning an image (question guides):
    • Who is in the photo.
    • What is going on in the photo (in the present tense).
    • Where (barangay and city) the photo was taken.
    • Attribution for “action not seen” in the picture. For instance: A gunman shot six people, police say.
    • The date, including the day of the week if the photo was shot in the last two weeks.

Captions do not always require second sentences. But generally, the second sentence should put news events in context or say why a photo is important.

An example of a standard AP caption:

  1. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte delivers his State of the Nation Address, Wednesday, July 26, 2019, at the House of Representatives in Quezon City. Duterte called for the immediate holding of peace negotiations with communist rebels. (AP Photo/Juan dela Cruz).
  2. Put in all possible keywords so your photo will be searchable
  3. Photoshop / File / file info / Basic / Keywords
Write all the elements seen in the photo (ex: old man, mountain, gun, flower)
  4. Copyright
  5. Photoshop / File / file info / Basic / Copyright (ex: Richel Mascariñas/PonD News Asia)
  6. Filename: Use this naming convention
INITIALS OF YOUR NAME(Richel F. Mascariñas)_DATE(day only-January 1) NUMBER(001) / (ex: rfm_01001)

Visit this link for video instructions:

STEP 4: How to upload images to PonD Galleries

  1. To upload images, go to this link & select PonD News Asia
  2. Then PM (PHOTOS SENT)


  • We will send you your PRESS ID after the COVID-19 Lockdown.
  • Shoot only in places you are allowed to be / in your own communities.
  • Practice social distancing and be safe.
  • Follow government guidelines for Community Quarantine.
  • Always bring your phone, quarantine pass & other valid IDs when going outside your house.
  • Submit images immediately especially for Breaking News (Time is of the essence).
  • No picture is worth your life.

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